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In your hands is one jewel about which you know almost nothing.
We are able to tell you as accurately as possible the details of its construction and its current value.

Our experience in construction and jewelry sale allows us to classify your jewelry with great accuracy in the categories of materials, carats and possibly origin and time of manufacture. These factors enable us to assess the economic value of the item.
It is worth noting here that the fair value of a piece of jewelry can differ significantly from its current purchase value.

We provide the opportunity jewelry appraisal for all the following cases:

  • Jewellery that you have bought but have lost all of their identity
  • Family heirlooms
  • Jewelry that reached your hands
  • Jewelry and other valuables found in bank, family or personal safes.
  • Precious or semi-precious stones, free or tied to jewelery (and as long as the binding allows)
  • Currency

The jewelry estimates and valuables may be for your personal use, for use by an insurance company or for any other lawful use. Contact us!

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